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Transportation from the Miami International Airport to the Courtyard Marriott Hotel:
There will be a shuttle that will transport all participants from the Miami International Airport to the Courtyard Marriott Hotel. The shuttle will be located outside of the Baggage Claim area. The bus will have a sign that reads “UltraLight/PLaNetS Tutorial”. It will also have a small flashing red light on the windshield of the bus. The light is very noticeable. The shuttle company will contact everyone and leave messages indicating their point of pick up on the number you provided us. Please make sure to have your cell phones on and be checking for messages.

For International participants, there will be a person in the Baggage Claim area waiting for you holding a sign that reads your name.

If you get lost for any reason, you can contact the Miami Airport Shuttle Inc. at (954)722-9902.

Transportation for Participants staying at the Courtyard Marriott:
There will be a bus that will transport all participants from the Courtyard Marriott Hotel to the Kovens Conference Center on December 2, 2008. The bus will be located by the main entrance of the Courtyard Marriot and should be leaving promptly by 6:30AM. If you have any questions on the morning of, please see the concierge. You should be in the lobby of the hotel no later than 6:15AM to ensure a smooth and on-time departure.

After the Ultralight/PLaNetS tutorial, the bus will be transporting all participants from the Kovens Conference Center to Giorgio’s Grill for dinner and then back to the Courtyard Marriot.

Please contact CIARA’s Main Office at (305) 348-4105 if you need any additional information.