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Upgraded Circuit Used for 4K Real-Time Video Stream

WHREN-LILA network engineers upgraded the LILA East circuit to 10Gbps from 2.5Gbps. The upgrade was an outstanding effort between WHREN project partners ANSP, RNP, CLARA and AMPATH, along with two telecommunications providers, one equipment manufacturer, and three collocation facilities. Many thanks to everyone involved in this effort. In particular, a special recognition to Ernesto Rubi at AMPATH and Jorge Marcos at ANSP for their work on this epic upgrade.

The timing of the upgrade was fortuitous, in that the new circuit was used to stream in real-time to the CalIT2 Auditorium in Atkinson Hall at UC San Diego, and to Keio University 's Design Media lab in Yokohama , Japan , a Brazilian movie that was making its debut in Sao Paulo . The format of the video stream was in 4K uncompressed HD, which utilized approximately 1.5Gbps of bandwidth for each stream.

The complete press release of the event can be found at



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