LILA Project Coordination


To increase the rate of discovery and enhance education across the Americas through the creation of a distributed exchange infrastructure to provide a hybrid of network services to support discipline-specific and general-purpose high-performance distributed-computing and networking services over wide geographical distances.


  • Improve network connectivity between North and South America through the deployment, operation and evolution of LILA links
  • Foster collaborative research and advance education throughout the Western Hemisphere and other world regions
  • Develop a cogent plan to support evolving researchers’ needs and to foster new inter-regional inter-disciplinary communities of researchers and learners

Program Requirements

WHREN-LILA links will be used to serve the programmatic requirements of the International Research Network Connections (IRNC) program:

  • To connect U.S. and foreign science and engineering communities
  • To encourage the investigation and incorporation of advanced architectures needed to support the advanced and developing needs of science and engineering
  • To encourage rational development and leveraging of deployed infrastructure to meet current and anticipated needs
  • To enable network engineers to engage in system and technology demonstrations and rigorous experimentation



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