LILA Project Coordination

WHREN-LILA Project Steering Committee

This is the core group of network and exchange operators that will manage the LILA links, interconnect at the facilities where WHREN-LILA services are available, and will participate in the mission and goals of the project. This committee consists of FIU and CENIC representing the WHREN-LILA project for the US, ANSP representing the academic and research community of the State of Sao Paulo, RNP representing the NREN of Brazil, CUDI representing the NREN of Mexico, REUNA representing the NREN of Chile and CLARA representing RedCLARA. The project Steering Committee will be provide the strategic and operational leadership to establish the LILA links and the required interconnection, transport and peering services to support the mission and goals of the project.

WHREN Governing Board

The primary responsibilities of the Governing Board will be to collectively oversee the assignment and management of lightpaths, and the development of a flexible distributed operational structure to support the scheduling and provisioning of lightpaths based on user service level requirements. The Governing Board will be comprised of representatives of organizations who provide network resources to the consortium.

Engineering Committee (EC)

The WHREN Engineering Committee EC) will be comprised of engineering managers from the various networks that participate in WHREN. The EC will ensure the implementation of new protocols and the ongoing operation of the distributed optical exchange and its interoperability with peer international networks.

Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) will be comprised of representatives from various research communities (high energy physics, astronomy, geology and seismology, etc.) who are conducting collaborative research activities requiring Western Hemisphere networking resources. The RAC will provide input and advice to the Board on program and network needs and requirements of the broad research community.



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