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WHREN-LILA Steering Committee Meeting
September 3, 2006
Santiago, Chile

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Engineering Track: Engineering Issues

  • Peering with US National Research Networks (NLR/DREN/NISN/UCAID..etc)
  • NEWNET(UCAID) Imapct and changes (end of Abilene)
  • CUDI/CLARA connectivity to Pacific Wave

Policy Track: Review of Progress Since April 30, 2005 Meeting

Policy Track: Encouraging Research Across the Borders

  • Can/should we identify funding opportunities (see UCMexus for example) and make funding agencies and member institutions aware of the capabilities of the network connections we have installed?
  • Should we hold discipline specific or interdisciplinary workshops to stimulate thinking of new collaborations?
  • Should we explore synergies with other NSF programs?
  • Can we obtain a small amount of funding to support grants to stimulate collaborations?
  • Is it possible to have access to NSF and other US funding agencies databases to find groups/networks of researchers in areas of interest?
  • Would it be possible to convince NSF to open a Grant (even a small one) program aimed at fostering collaboration?
  • List of disciplines/domains to consider:
    • Physics
    • Astronomy
    • Earth Sciences
    • Earth Observations
    • Agriculture
    • Public Health and Biomedical Research
    • Clinical and Medical Research
    • Biodiversity and Ecological Research
    • Genomics
    • Materials Sciences
    • Oceanography



Policy Issues

  • Set of rules for the use of links, specially when shared with another institutions (e.g. ANSP)
  • Layer 2 use policy
  • Scientific Committee

Establishing International R&E Peering Directions for WHREN LILA Funded Connections

  • Participation in PacificWave and AtlanticWave
    • Background: Of CENIC’s total R&E traffic, approximately the same volume of traffic uses PacWave as Abilene
    • Don’t we need to have WHREN connected to PacWave and AtlanticWave?
    • What are the benefits to CLARA and CUDI of PacWave participation?

Commodity Peering Possibilities

  • The largest volume of CENIC’s external traffic is exchanged through commodity peering arrangements. Are there possibilities to extend these arrangements to CLARA and CUDI members?
  • Discussion of AUP policies in general for each organization. Understanding of different business philosophies.

Monitoring and Measurement

  • Current practices, Best practices
  • Tools and Standards
  • Lessons Learned

Super Computing 2006 and similar events in Latin America and Europe

  • Preparation and logistics for SC06
  • Planning for similar events in 2007

Next Steps and Meeting Concludes




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