Travel Procedure
  VISA/Passport Requirements
  Vaccination Information
  Supplementary Information


  1. Participants should call FIU’s travel agency, TRAVEL LEADERS at 1-888-340-7928 or email Lillian Avello, after receiving the Master TAR # from Gaby Hennessey at CIARA via email. 

  2. Participants will be asked to provide Travel Leaders with dates and preferences for travel to San Jose, Costa Rica. NSF grant regulations require that U.S. participants travel on a US-flag carrier (can be a code share) and the ticket MUST be an ECONOMY airfare. Foreign travelers may use their local carriers but with ECONOMY airfare.

  3. Travel Leaders will then send FIU-CIARA the tickets and receipt. FIU-CIARA will add the participant to the hotel roster and the ground travel arrangements from the airport.

  4. Participant will receive a Travel Certification form from CIARA that itemizes what the workshop will pay for airfare, hotel, per diem and ground transportation. The participant will have to sign and send it back with a copy of their passport. This form will stipulate that if the participant is not able to travel after their airfare has been purchased that the Participant will reimburse FIU.

  5. CIARA will then email the E-ticket to the participant once all is received signed. 

The San Jose Juan Santa Maria (SJO) International airport of Costa Rica is the arrival airport.