Travel Procedure
  VISA/Passport Requirements
  Vaccination Information
  Supplementary Information

Supplementary Information:

Weather in San Jose:

Weather in La Selva: (end of page)

Travel Tips:
Participants should bring:
·         valid passport
·         cash and/or traveler's checks
·         clothing, including long-sleeved shirt and long pants
         (good for protection from bugs and sun)
·         soft hat with a broad brim
·         bathing suits
·         rain wear (poncho or a light breathable rain jacket, umbrella)
·         boots (light-weight and fast-drying hiking boots or rubber boots)
·         comfortable walking shoes
·         personal toiletries
·         personal medical supplies (The station has first aid kits, but you should consider           bringing a small supply of aspirin, antiseptic, hydro cortisone cream or Rhuli Gel,           moleskin, band-aids, vitamins if you use them.  Definitely bring a supply of any           prescription medication you use.)
·         extra eyeglasses or contact lenses
·         sunglasses
·         sunscreen
·         insect sting kit
·         flashlight with fresh batteries
·         day pack
·         pocket knife (Swiss Army type with numerous functions)
·         wristwatch (inexpensive, water-resistant)
·         insect repellent  
·         lecture notebook
·         pens and pencils
·         10x hand lens  
·         watertight plastic bags (for carrying specimens, keeping things dry)  
·         binoculars  
·         compass
·         water bottle/canteen
·         camera and film
·         field guides
·         special food (raisin-nut mixtures, etc.)

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