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Monitoring and Measurement Activities

The development project will integrate Cisco NetFlow monitoring data with the MonALISA framework. This will be done with a collaboration between FIU, Caltech and CERN. It will build a lightweight, scalable and customizable utility that enables viewing flows based on source-destination pairs and will allow for a historical trend analysis of network behavior as well as a close-to-realtime look at flow data. This will also build a framework for an Integrated Passive Flow Measurement Toolkit.

The Integrated Passive Flow Measurement Toolkit is a real-world deployable network monitoring toolkit that improves the functionality of MonALISA by integrating NetFlow and NLANR PMA. FIU and Caltech received a Cisco University Research Program (URP) Award for their work on this. It leverages the NSF REU project that integrates NetFlow into MonALISA. The toolkit integrates MonALISA, Cisco NetFlow and NLANR PMA tools to facilitate efficient network planning and operation for the at-large networking community. It is being deployed to monitor traffic flows for CHEPREO between the United States and Brazil. The toolkit will be available by September 2006.

These activities are being done with support from NSF REU Award SCI-0231844. The REU Report is available online at

Measurement and Monitoring Plan

Active Measurement

  • SLAC PingER
  • Internet2 NDT Tool
  • Iperf tool at various exchanges
  • Ping RTT Pearl-based script - Monitors RTT to each peer
  • NLANR PMA/AMP - Soon to be Archipelago Project
  • Nagios monitoring
  • AMPATH LISA tool currently deployed and available via MonALISA
  • NTOP tool deployed at AMPATH
  • OWAMP/BWCTL currently in implementation stage

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