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NSF Reports

Volume 2, Issue 3
May 31, 2006

The Western Hemisphere Research and Education Networks (WHREN)-Links Interconnecting Latin America (LILA) Report summarizes activities from participating networks. The WHREN-LILA Report is published under National Science Foundation (NSF) Award # 0441095 and Academic Network at São Paulo (ANSP) award Projeto Fapesp no. 04/14414-2.

May 2006 Issue:

  • WHREN-LILA Activities
  • FIU-AMPATH Activities
  • CENIC Activities
  • Pacific Wave Activities
  • AtlanticWave Activities
  • CLARA Activities
  • CUDI Activities


WHREN-LILA Activities

The NSF reports for the WHREN-LILA project are now available online accessible from the website's homepage (http://www.ciara.fiu.edu/whren/). The proposal, the 2005 annual report, and each of the 2005 quarterly reports are available in PDF format at http://www.ciara.fiu.edu/whren/pubs/documents.htm.

A new WHREN-LILA calendar is online. Please add your events to the calendar. You won’t see them immediately since any new event has to be approved. Events are approved and updated daily. If you prefer, you can email your event information to contacts@amlight.net and it will be added to the calendar.

For more information on WHREN-LILA, visit the website at http://www.ciara.fiu.edu/whren/index.htm.

FIU-AMPATH Activities

Nothing new to report.

For more information on AMPATH, visit their website at http://www.ampath.net/.

CENIC Activities

Nothing new to report.

For more information on CENIC, visit their website at http://www.cenic.org/.

Pacific Wave Activities

Pacific Wave launched its new "speedometer" measurements WebPages in April. To view these new pages go to http://www.pacificwave.net/technology/measurements/ and click on either the Seattle or California links.

Caltech's High Energy Physics group continued to use Pacific Wave to run tests with its Ultralight partner KISTI in Korea to simulate the environment in which distributed physics analysis will be carried out.

On March 30th, the CSIRO Testbed ran an interactive teaching session for laparoscopic surgery from Stanford University to the CSIRO Marsfield office in Sydney , Australia .  This ran over Internet2, AARNet and CENTIE networks and used Pacific Wave peerings. Traffic graphs of the event can be found at http://havnet.stanford.edu/events/nezhat.html

Plans are under way for GEMnet/NTT Labs to run another high definition video demonstration over Pacific Wave in June.

National Lambda Rail's PacketNet network joined Pacific Wave with a 10 gigabit port in Seattle .

CENIC is working with NASA's NREN to bring them up at 10 gigabit in Sunnyvale

Also, the REANNZ network in New Zealand has signed an agreement and is now proceeding with connecting to Pacific Wave in Seattle at one gigabit.  If their Pacific Wave connection is up in time, they are planning a NEESGrid proof-of-concept demonstration in the late June/early July timeframe.

For more on these and other efforts, visit the Pacific Wave website at http://www.pacificwave.net/.

AtlanticWave Activities

The AtlanticWave collaboration is moving forward to establish the wave from Miami at the AMPATH International Exchange Point to New York City at MANLAN. This will be ready for service for Super Computing 2006. A distributed exchange point service is currently in operation between the AMPATH Exchange Point and the Sao Paulo exchange point, made possible by the WHREN-LILA link. The AtlanticWave service will meet the WHREN-LILA link in Miami to extend the distributed exchange point service to New York City at MANLAN, with add-drops in Atlanta at the Southern Light Rail and in Washington D.C., at the Mid-Atlantic Crossing.

CLARA Activities

Commissioner Viviane Reding has called for an extension to the RedCLARA-GÉANT2 partnership, created by the ALICE project. Speaking at the IV EU-LAC Ministerial Forum on the Information Society held in Lisbon on 28th and 29th April 2006, she stated that the “RedCLARA-GÉANT collaboration has to be highlighted; has to have continuity; has to have an extension” and that this should be the main conclusion of the Forum’s declaration.

In a speech to more than 400 delegates, Reding highlighted the role ICT plays in fostering close relationships between Europe and the Latin American and Caribbean region. ”We need ICT to further and deepen our partnership and in this sense research is one of the fields where there is very strong potential and new opportunities for international cooperation.”

For more information on this topic, visit http://alice.dante.net/server/show/conWebDoc.2000

For more information on CLARA, visit http://www.redclara.net/en/03/01.htm.

CUDI Activities

CUDI, founded 7 years ago as a non-profit organization, has produced a video about CUDI and Internet2.

The idea behind this video is to promote CUDI’s objectives and mission. The video has been made under the coordination of the Members Committee and the support of the General Direction of Education Television.

The video provides an in depth explanation of the use of advanced networks and the institutions associated to them in Mexico . The video also provides a clear vision of what Internet2 means for research and how it works.

The video is available to members at:http://www.cudi.edu.mx/members/video_cudi.wmv

For more information on CUDI, visit their website at http://www.cudi.edu.mx/.


The WHREN-LILA newsletter is intended to provide useful, up-to-date information about WHREN-LILA through short articles with web links and email addresses. Newsletters will be posted on the WHREN-LILA website (www.ciara.fiu.edu/whren). If you have colleagues who would like to subscribe to this monthly newsletter, send them to: http://www.ampath.net/mailman/listinfo/whren-today.

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