NSF Reports


AtlanticWave, SouthernLight and International Networking Evolution
Presented at the 10th Workshop of the RNP in Recife, Brazil
May 25-26, 2009

AtlanticWave and AMPATH Update
Presented at the CCIRN Meeting in Arlington, VA
April 30, 2009

About AtlanticWave
Presented at the GLIF Meetiung in Seattle, Washington
October 2, 2008

SouthernLight: New GOLE for Latin America
Persented at Global LambdaGrid Workshop in Seattle, Washington
October 2008

International Research Connections WHREN-LILA: Project Status and Plans
Presented at the Fall 2008 Internet2 Member Meeting
October 2008

North American GLIF GOLE Meeting (GLIF-NA)
Prague, Czech Republic
September 16, 2007

Western Hemisphere Research & Education Networks
Links Interconnecting Latin America (WHREN-LILA) [pdf] [ppt]

International Research Network Connections (IRNC) Program Review
October 24-25, 2006

Western Hemisphere International Exchange Points
Presented at Optical Network Testbeds Workshop 3 in Tokyo, Japan
September 7-8, 2006

Driving Latin American Research and Education
Presented at V Conferencia Iberoamericana de Deligaciones Universitarias y Redes de Educacion Superior in Bilbao, Spain
June 20, 2006

Presented at the Spring 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting International Task Force
April 24, 2006

Supporting International Collaborations in the Western Hemisphere with Cyberinfrastructure
Presented at FirstMile.US Spring 2006 Conference in San Diego, California
March 22-23, 2006

Apoyando Colaboraciones Internacionales con Ciberinfrestructura
Presented at Reacciun 2 - Seminario de Lanzamiento in Caracas, Venezuela
January 23-25, 2006

Presented at 2nd TIDIA Workshop in Sao Paolo, Brazil
November 7-9, 2005

Supporting Research Collaborations with Advanced Networks Architecture and Applications
Presented at the Chinese American Networking Symposium in Shenzhen, China
November 1, 2005

Presented at the Fall 2005 Internet2 Member Meeting International Task Force
September 19, 2005

Presented at the International ICFA Workshop on HEP Networking, Grid and Digital Divide Issues for Global e-Science in Daegu, Korea
May 23-27, 2005

WHREN-LILA International Research Networks Connection Program
Presented at CUDI 2005 Reunión Primavera in Veracruz, Mexico
April 28, 2005

International Research Connections - WHREN
Presented at CENIC 2005 in Marina del Rey, California
March 9, 2005



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