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NSF Reports

Volume 2, Issue 6
November 30, 2006

The Western Hemisphere Research and Education Networks (WHREN)-Links Interconnecting Latin America (LILA) Report summarizes activities from participating networks. The WHREN-LILA Report is published under National Science Foundation (NSF) Award # 0441095 and Academic Network at São Paulo (ANSP) award Projeto Fapesp no. 04/14414-2.

November 2006 Issue:

  • WHREN-LILA Activities
  • FIU-AMPATH Activities
  • CENIC Activities
  • Atlantic Wave Activities
  • Pacific Wave Activities
  • RNP Activities
  • CUDI Activities
  • CLARA Activities


WHREN-LILA Activities

The presentation from the International Research Network Connections (IRNC) Program Review on October 24-25 is available online in both PowerPoint and PDF versions.

The PDF version of the presentation can be found at http://www.ciara.fiu.edu/whren/pubs/irnc-review_Oct06_whren-lila3s.pdf. The PowerPoint version can be found at http://www.ciara.fiu.edu/whren/pubs/irnc-review_Oct06_whren-lila3s.ppt.

The full agenda and a group photo from the September Engineering Meeting in Santiago , Chile are now available on the web at http://www.ciara.fiu.edu/whren/events/steering0906.htm

A PDF version of the new WHREN-LILA brochure is available online at http://www.ciara.fiu.edu/whren/pubs/WHREN_LILA_Trifold_Web.pdf

FIU-CIARA Activities

Heidi Alvarez and all of the CyberBridges Ph.D. fellows presented in the National LambdaRail booth at SC06 followed by a CyberBridges Birds-of-a-Feather meeting.  Dr. Yan Bao Ping, Chief Engineer of the Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Science gave the keynote address, marking the start of a new three year Global CyberBridges collaborative project.  Afterwards the fellows presented their findings and received their CIARA Cyberinfrastructure Science Certificates of completion. Information on the presentations, along with the presentation slides can be found at http://www.nlr.net/sc06/presentations.php?aid=33

For more information on the CyberBridges project, visit http://www.cyberbridges.net/

For more information on CIARA, visit their website at http://ciara.fiu.edu/

CENIC Activities

No new activities to report

For more information on CENIC, visit their website at http://www.cenic.org/.

Atlantic Wave Activities

Atlantic Wave offered Layer 2 connectivity to the SC'06 conference show floor. Direct connections into Atlantic Wave were available from the following locations and exchange points:

  • MAN LAN (New York) - 10 GE Layer 2 connections
  • MAX (Washington)
  • SLR/SOX (Atlanta)
  • AMPATH (Miami)
  • Sao Paulo Exchange - 1 GE Layer 2 connections

For more information on Atlantic Wave, visit the website at http://atlanticwave.net/

Pacific Wave Activities

In October, Pacific Wave added three new participants in Los Angeles :

  • L-Root (ICANN) (1 GigE) in Los Angeles
  • Corporación Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet A. C. Internet2 Mexico (CUDI) in Los Angeles (1 GigE)
  • Cooperación Latino Americana de Redes Avanzadas (CLARA) in Los Angeles (1 GigE)

Also during October, a CINEGRID event took place at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention in San Francisco , October 5-8th. For the first time ever, 4K resolution digital motion pictures and 24 channel digital audio was transmitted separately in real time via globe-spanning IP networks, from Los Angeles , San Diego and Tokyo . The picture and sound was synchronized and then mixed "live" for an audience of audio experts, cinema professionals and international technology leaders.

The CineGrid event included a consortium of partners in addition to CineGrid. The consortium included:

  • Industrial Light & Magic, a Lucasfilm Ltd. company
  • Skywalker Sound, A Lucasfilm Ltd. company
  • Keio University Research Institute for Digital Media and Content (DMC)
  • NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
  • Pacific Interface, Inc.
  • San Francisco State University , Institute for Next Generation Internet
  • University of California San Diego
    • California Institute for Telecommunications and Information
      Technology (Calit2)
    • Center for Research and Computing in the Arts (CRCA)
  • University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts
    used Pacific Wave and CENIC/CalREN facilities for these real-time

For more on these and other efforts, visit the Pacific Wave website at http://www.pacificwave.net/.

CUDI Activities

CUDI Fellows Pilot program

The program will give four students an economic scholarship of $2000 monthly, for a period of six months to develop applications that require use of the CUDI network.

These activities will permit the fellows to better understand career opportunities in practical and real situations, as well as to be involved with ideas and situations that will allow them to develop the abilities that will develop them as future investigators and scientists of Mexico .

For more information on CUDI, visit their website at http://www.cudi.edu.mx/index.html

CLARA Activities

Predicting eruptions will become easier now scientists are using technology to translate the patterns in a volcano's behavior into sound waves. The EU funded "Enabling Grids for E-sciencE" (EGEE) and the "E-Infrastructure shared between Europe and Latin America" (EELA) projects, which are already investigating volcano sonification at Mount Etna, Sicily, are using the G � ANT2 and ALICE-RedCLARA networks to further extend this important study to include Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano.

To read more about this project, visit http://www.supercomputingonline.com/article.php?sid=11729

To find out more about CLARA, visit http://www.redclara.net/


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